Modern agricultureWe serve peoplePopularized The Codification SystemQuality And Innovation

Modern agriculture

Senlyn Food is a large-scale comprehensive food and beverage supplier that covers modern agriculture, food processing and food distribution.

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We serve people

We serve people in a way that is natural and fits the individual situation and understand what their needs are.

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Popularized The Codification System

Senlyn has popularized the codification system and food quality tracking system and adopted food safety monitoring equipment and technologies.

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Quality And Innovation

Our commitment to quality and innovation has enabled us to stand firm and grow over the past few years into a leading local consumer goods supplier.

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Whatever you are a food producer or a channel developer, we both have the same dream, taking advantage of today’s opportunities, delivering qualified food to customers around indonesia. By becoming a Senlyn partner, we’re dedicated to helping you all succeed.
We position you for business growth by helping you compete more effectively through market, your success is one parter of our dream.

Empower your business.  Brighten the future.